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Webscapes specializes in total website solutions.


Downtown Memphis from the air.Webscapes began as a company specializing in the design and implementation of total website solutions for farm equipment dealerships.

We continue to offer total site solutions for small and medium sized businesses in many industries. Total site solutions include such items as Domain name selection and registration, hosting services, site design and engineering, graphics design and implementation, and media and data integration.


Domain Names / Hosting

What's in a name?

Downtown Memphis from the air.Choosing the correct domain name is important. It should reflect your company's name, as well as be easy for your clients to remember.

Webscapes can assist in choosing an appropriate name as well as take care of the registration process. When we register a name for you, you will retain complete rights to and ownership of the name you choose. Not all companies do this, so make sure you ask if you are looking at other potential design firms.

Once your registered we can help you locate an appropriate host. Choosing the right host is critical to the success and flexibility of a website.


Site Design and Engineering

Although many sites are visually appealing, not all function with the same efficiency.

Downtown Memphis from the air.Individuals and firms specializing in graphics design can create beautiful websites, but many have trouble creating efficient and user-friendly experiences.

Many things must be considered when engineering a website or web application. Not only should it be aesthetically pleasing, but it should be laid out so that visitors who are not familiar with your site can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. The site should also be designed so that maintenance and scaling can be easily accomplished in the future. The site should load quickly and consistently in any major browser or operating system.

Some companies do a poor job of implementing controls and plug-ins used to display media and other active content. This can cause sites to perform so poorly for clients with slow internet connections, that these clients simply quite using the site.


Graphics, Media, and Data

Properly implemented, these are keys to attracting and maintaining site visitors.

Downtown Memphis from the air.Webscapes is able to assist with graphics design or can implement existing company graphics into your site. We can convert existing media into the proper format for display on your website, or can assist in the creation of media.

Data is critical to a successful website. We can assist in the creation and / or integration of databases or XML files for your website.




How can I produce professional looking emails and get them to my customers?

Is my site optimized for the best search engine positioning?

How can I get more visibility for my site?

Give us a call to discuss these important issues.

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